Michelle White Books

      What if all you had to do was give your worries to The Worry Jar ™ and you could work through anything?  In this book, Michelle teaches kids that worries come in all shapes and sizes.  When you write down your worry and put it in The Worry Jar ™, you don’t have to think about it.  However, when the worry pops back into your head, say the words “Worries, ​worries in the jar, I can!”  These words become a mantra and encouragement, reminding students to let the worry go. Go Away Worries!  is a 2014 Mom’s Choice Award and a 2015 Finalist for the Eric Hoffer Award.
     Go Away Worries!  is a chapter book written for elementary school children, but can be a resource for anyone.  It's quickly becoming a favorite back to school read with parents and teachers. The first worry jar was given to a boy in Dr.  White's class in 2000. He successfully implemented it into his routine. In 2001, the same boy would turn the table and he would send a worry jar back to his teacher. You'll want this book for someone who worries in your life.
     ​"The world is full of stress and anxiety. Everyone needs a tool they can turn to for help.  Maybe The Worry Jar ™ will work for you. Worries, worries in the jar, my friends.” Michelle White