Michelle White Books

‚Äč     Imagine what you could do if there was nothing to hold you back, no obstacles, you're free. Scuba did that for Shelly. Out of her wheelchair and into the trusting hands of Jim Elliott of Diveheart, she soon realized anything is possible. All it takes is the guidance of someone who believes you can do something. Imagine what we can do for those living with disabilities, if we took the time to show them what they CAN do. We hold in our hands the ability to make a difference, change a life, a mind, or a circumstance. Diveheart does this one dive at a time.
     ScubAbility was written to show people of all ages and disabilities that you can find NEW abilities no matter how out of reach they may seem to be. Fly underwater with Shelly as Diveheart shows her scubability. The journey will share a message that will make you think about the possibilities in your life! Scubability is a children's book written for readers of ALL abilities. Enjoy the amazing illustrations of the Aurora Art Company's family, featuring the work of Amanda and Amberlyn.