Michelle White Books

Coming 2017

"Say the words," reminded the worry Jar.

"worries, worries in the jar," owen said and climbed a step.

"Worries, worries in the jar. I can do it," he said and climbed a few more steps.

-Excerpt from the book The Worry Jar

"Yet another great resource from Dr. White for our youngest students! By taking the wisdom from her first book, Go Away Worries: Put Them in the Worry Jar, and presenting the idea in an enjoyable and developmentally appropriate manner to reach early learners, Michelle has given parents, classroom teachers and counselors a means to deal with a growing problem. Insecurity, anxiety, and general worry is more prevalent in our society than ever before. Using this book as a guide to help “break the cycle” early on and instill a plan to help children deal with their feelings can only be seen as positive. Kudos to her brilliance!" Shannon Morgan, Teacher