Michelle White Books

"Worries, worries in the jar, I can do it."

Kids worry. They feel pressure to...

  • produce grades
  • be the best athlete
  • maintain healthy relationships

We need to empower them!

  • ​help them find their abilities
  • ​show them we believe in them
  • teach them that mistakes are how we learn

​​  ​I want kids to...

  • Worry less
  • ​Believe in themselves and know they are important
  • ​Be kind and look out for each other

 ​I want to give them tools that will remind them

                                     "I can do it!"


-Excerpt from the book The Worry Jar

"Say the words," reminded the worry Jar.

"worries, worries in the jar," owen said and climbed a step.

"Worries, worries in the jar. I can do it," he said and climbed a few more steps.