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-Excerpt from the book The Worry Jar

"Yet another great resource from Dr. White for our youngest students! By taking the wisdom from her first book, Go Away Worries: Put Them in the Worry Jar, and presenting the idea in an enjoyable and developmentally appropriate manner to reach early learners, Michelle has given parents, classroom teachers and counselors a means to deal with a growing problem. Insecurity, anxiety, and general worry is more prevalent in our society than ever before. Using this book as a guide to help “break the cycle” early on and instill a plan to help children deal with their feelings can only be seen as positive. Kudos to her brilliance!" Shannon Morgan, Teacher


"Say the words," reminded the worry Jar.

"worries, worries in the jar," owen said and climbed a step.

"Worries, worries in the jar. I can do it," he said and climbed a few more steps.